Monday, July 13, 2009



Alhamdulillah school has start per normal today. Although I was almost a little late ( Astaughfirullah ).. This is what happens if you sleep at 1 am watching Harry Potter...

Anyway school is like per normal except for the emphasis that we should stay a distance from each other just in case the H1N1 virus were to hit our school. Honestly, I don't think that is very smart. It is very difficult for you to control and ensure that students limit their activites and distance within their friends. The only way you could do that if you were to close down the school and give specific instructions and carry out actions that will ensure students stay at home and reduce contact with public. There is no way you could prevent H1N1 to spread among the students by distancing them were H1N1 to attack our schools. This is because the school is too small to ask everyone to walk 2 m apart from each other and you would keep meeting and having contact with other people as you move from class to class.

In my opinion, the best way to control any diseases is to keep a good personal hygiene, which some of us are still lacking and to always have tawakkal.. Which is always believing that whatever it is that happens to you are from Allah and be prepared for it. If it really is meant for you, then no matter what, it will hit you. But that does not mean we have to be complacent. Before you even have tawakkal, you have to put in effort to show have done your best, and then you can say, " That's it, I have done my best. The rest is all up to Allah . " That is the real meaning of tawakkal.

There's a malay saying that goes :
"berusaha tanpa doa itu sombong, doa tanpa usaha itu malas dan sia-sia"

which means ( I'll try to put it as simple as I can ) ;
" Effort without prayers is arrogance , prayers without effort is laziness and a waste of time "

also Allah states in the Al-Quran in Surah Ar-Ra’d, Verse 11 :
“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan kaum itu sendiri yang mengubah nasib mereka sendiri.”

Allah Almighty does not alter the condition of a people until they bring about a change in their inner-selves .

In conclusion , let's no just sit around and wait and hope that we will have food on our table. We have to put in some effort and tawakkal towards Allah Ta'ala.. Wallahua'alam