Wednesday, April 28, 2010


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
These past few months have brought many changes in my life. Firstly I am no longer studying in Singapore. I am currently studying in Malaysia, specifically International Islamic University College of Selangor. I did not really find it difficult to adapt to the new atmosphere since I've been mixing and living in a life full of Malaysia since I was born ( I'm part Malaysian haha ^^ ) . I love the ambience its gives to me. Although there is a difference in the way the Malaysian and the Singaporean mingle, I see it as a new experience and knowledge. I get to learn Arabic :happy: and although my knowledge of Arabic is not much different from the time I was still in Singapore, just being able to learn this beautiful language puts me in euphoria. I hope that the decision I make is the best for me and most importantly my religion. I still have that crazy in me which I can't really decide is a good or a bad thing. Sometimes I just wish I can be a demure strict Muslimah and sometimes I just go crazy in my behaviour. However I really hope that no matter how I behave, it is still in the syariah of Islam. I miss my family and friends in Singapore of course but I have to do this for my future and to better myself. May Allah grant me and everybody else the strenght to do what is best for themselves and Islam. May Allah always grant us Taufiq and Hidayah. I'Allah....

Illaliqo' Ma'asalamah..